Crypto’s second act, new blockchain financial services

Crypto Finance & Payment

A new form of services in payment, deposit, lending, options, staking, etc. are continuously coming onto the crypto finance market, and these financial services are categorized into CeFi (Centralized Finance) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) depending on the way of deliverying services. With CeFi, transaction records are operated by a centralized system like the traditional financial services while DeFi, as a decentralized system, is operated based on smart contracts without any intermediary and records transactions on distributed blockchain network.

The stable coin to be a game changer in the digital asset market

There have been numerous attempts for popular digital assets including Bitcoin (BTC) to be used as everyday currency. But it is still far-off because of large fluctuations of their value. To tackle this challenge, various stable coins have been created in the digital asset market. In particular, stable coins issued for DeFi projects are garnering attention from the digital asset industry and media.

Stable coins have been bringing the greatest number of changes and new opportunities after the digital asset market experienced significant changes in 2017. For the success of stable coins, the network effect should be created with a large number of additional participants joining the digital asset market. In order to achieve this, optimized blockchain technology, a variety of services, faster transaction execution at affordable fees, confidence and profits for network participants should be provided.

DUCATO: DeFi Blockchain Protocols

The DUCATO Protocol enhances stability and increases liquidity of the cryptocurrency market through a stable collateral-backed cryptocurrency (KRWD) while avoiding financial threats posed by the price volatility of digital assets. Like existing stable coins that are pegged to the USD, Euro, or assets in bank account, KRWD is pegged to Korean won (KRW). With the protocol, KRWD can be used as a stable means of transferring digital assets, and will be utilized as everyday currency for payment and other financial services.

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Hybrid DeFi 2.0 Blockchain Protocols for Finance

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Hybrid DeFi 2.0 Blockchain Protocols for Finance

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